OK, my work is done, or half done anyway. I like is all blogged up, with invidual posts, comments, feeds and new improved style sheets (that actually work in Firefox, hooray). I'm hoping this makes it easier for me to write what I want to write as usually I have 3 or 4 posts on the go in my head but only one actually makes it onto the page. I'm also looking forward to comments, but don't know whether to authenticate them or leave them open, or approve them. Any thoughts? I've still got a bit of tidying to do but other than that things should be pretty much as normal. I thought about a proper redesign as this one is 3 years old but then realised I didn't have a single idea in my head which suggests maybe it doesn't need changing. I've also put adverts on the site, which I've dithered about for ages as I don't really like the look of them but I'd like to make some attempt at covering the costs of the site. (Although why does this post about Alain de Botton come up with adverts for Bonnie Tyler?) As a compromise (and nonsensical business decision) I'm keeping them off the front page. I'm also thinking about ditching the monthly likes as they're getting harder and harder to find and I write about what I like anyway. But I don't know, I'm still playing about with things.

I promise the next post will be a bit more interesting but thought I'd better say something in case anyone wonders what's going on. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

Nice additions to your fine website. Great to see the comments option - much needed I think. Juts borrowed the Jim Noir CD from the library. Some nice 60's style pop influence on there. I can see why you like it.

Nice updates! Thank you for going to the trouble.
Might I make a suggestion? You are going to get reallllllly low exposure to ads if they are not appearing on the front page. They're not that bad aesthetically speaking I don't think.

But seriously, I know my own habits - I'm unlikely to click to go to each entry to read the comments. Sometimes, sure but....it takes a LOT of bums on seats for the ads to be worthwhile. Email me and I'll tell you my experience if you like.

I like the great new features.
Good to see you making progress in huge steps.

Thanks everyone. Looks like I had the approve setting on anyway! Peacay - I know you're right I just couldn't bring myself to spoil the front page. I'll get in touch though, maybe it's worth changing.

Anne - As far as I'm concerned you can stick the adverts on the front page. I think they tend to be ignored (and occaisonally add a surreal edge - Bonnie Tyler !). I come for the likes (and I love the likes very much indeed) and if adverts makes everything more viable then so be it. Love and stuff.

Hi Anne,
I'm thrilled you now have comments & other trimmings... I love following your links to new worlds.
take care, gracia

Ahh, great to see a feed. I hardly navigate the web outside a newsreader these days, so that is good.

In my experience
1. putting a small 234x60 ad at the top of the sidebar will garner more adsense than the rest combined. i replaced a 'skyscraper' with one of these and the clickthroughs actually went up.
2. i noticed you are not using the 'channel' functionality of adsense. assigning a channel in adsense to types of ads tracks which you are wasting good space on
3. if you don't employ methods above and beyond MT/WP default spam blocking, you might wake up one day to 6,000 spams.

Feeds! Comments! Hallelujah!

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