Paynes PoppetsPaynes Poppets have had a makeover. It's sort of Icons of England meets I Love the 1970s with spacehoppers, slinkies, furry dice and the like. There are 4 different designs for each flavour ("an industry first" they say), with 4 flavours altogether - raisin, peanut, toffee and orange (coconut and "crunchy" have fallen by the wayside). The packets drive home the nostalgia thing with a message "to help you Remember When?". The one on this packet was about burying someone up to their neck in sand. I like Poppets but I'm not hit by waves of nostalgia every time I bite into one, so this seems like over-egging the pudding a bit. Maybe that's just me. I did find some Tooty Frooties (have they gone away and come back?) and was instantly transported back to the park I used to play in when I was wee. Still, the packets are very nice (they're going into the museum) and stand out a mile in the sweet shop - makes you realise how dull most chocolate wrappers are. For enthusiasts the history of Poppets (from 1937) is on Fox's website.

ohhh, we can comment now.

Poppets are great but Dolly Mixtures always take me back in time whenever I see them, regardless of packaging. They are so rare now, over here in Cape Town. Ireland and Scotland were awash with Dolly's when I was a nipper.

Hi Neal. Dolly Mixtures are still pretty common here. They never really do it for me. It's the way they're not chewy and not crunchy, just hard. But maybe if I couldn't get them I would miss them too.

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