We're off on our hollybobs in a week or so and I'm looking for things that shouldn't be missed in North Wales. I've never been there before so it's quite exciting. What should we do and see?

If you get as far south as Aberystwyth there is a lovely little funicular with a cafe at the top .. great view and a nice cup of tea.

A funicular *and* a cafe - that sounds ideal. Thanks!

All manner of wonder s in North Wales. Portmerion, the amazing village where The Prisoner was made. Angelsey and the longest name of a village anywhere. Llandudno is supposed to be nice but we havent made it that far yet. Rhyl's pretty dull really but just up the coast where the river meets the sea is a lovely duney beach and a lighthouse at Point of Ayr on the Dee.

Brilliant, thanks Michael. We're definitely going to Portmeirion and Anglesey sounds nice. I'll report back on Llandudno.

So I would say Betws-Y-Coed, but maybe a bit too touristy for you - although a beautiful place, or you could hit the Llewyn peninsular around Aberdaron - which in itself is a beautiful little village, You might want to go to Llewyn as this is where Anthony Hopkins made a film that was based on one of the literary classics of the 19th Century. Can't remember which one but the film was forgettable which is why I have forgotten it but the scenery wasn't which is why I remember it. Although best avoid Pwchelli and Nefyn. Head up along the coastline where there are tons of villages dotted along the peninsular. Anywhere along the A5/ A55 is probably too touristy (including Betws and Capel Curig) you could also consider mid-Wales. Dolgellau area, perhaps?

Thanks Simon. I can't believe there's so much to see in such a small area. We'll do our best to fit it all in.

I would definitely recommend a trip to Comwy, with it's cute little bay and the smallest house in Great Britain! See here:

Also, there's a fish and chip shop with a secret entrance by the bay.

All in all a lovely place.

Thanks David. I can't wait now!

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