I realise that retelling this journey is taking longer than the actual trip itself and is a lot less interesting but while I was at Pontins my head was very clear and it felt very important because I had some points I wanted to make. And I knew what the points were but I didn't write them down, so I'm warning you now, this is going nowhere. I'm sick of listening to myself. But I've started so I'll finish. Day 6 coming right up.

Don't worry we're not sick of listening. Love and stuff. Simon J Swanson

Thanks Simon. Much appreciated.


You couldn't be more wrong - this is absolutely fascinating stuff, and I love the way you don't just talk about arriving, but the getting there as well! (Surely the important part of travelling!). Very funny too - It's made me laugh out loud at some bits, which is a bit emabaressing in the office!!

Keep up the great work


I'm enjoying it!

As they say in Wales - 'Sothach!' I'm sure I'm not alone in checking the site daily for updates. It's a really entertaining read - so keep at it!

Ben - I'm glad I made you laugh. There should be more laughter at work.

Foe - thank you!

Rich - thank you too, and what does "Sothach" mean? I didn't pick up much Welsh I'm afraid apart from Ysgol and Ambwlans.

no, i'm loving it. i've not got a summer holiday this year so i'm enjoying yours.

It's been a joy to read so far.
We'll tell you when we're bored, deal?

Ben - that can't be right having no holiday. Have a day trip or something.

Will - deal! And thank you. That's very sweet.

Hi Anne, I guess you've got the message by now but add me to the list who's really enjoying reading all about your trip. John xx

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