The Commodores' keyboard player died recently, and in an obit Alvin read it mentioned how the band found their name - by opening a dictionary at random. They could have been called Commode had they been unlucky. On Thursday, Alvin and I opened our respective dictionaries at random, finding words to turn into bands, the object of the game being to try to describe how a band of the moniker in question would sound. Trying to make the bands seem plausible.

Burly : 1974 masculine glam (with beards ?). Four Len Tuckeys in Bully Beef-style hooped jumpers. Geordie soundalikes. On a smallish label like Penny Farthing. Recently rediscovered by third division glam archaeologists like Bob Stanley.

The Even-Stevens : Speccy-four-eyes literate indie, 'eighties-style : Smiths; Go-Betweens; Servants.

The Leer : Directionless 1981 sixth form band consisting of a mod, a wannabe arty boy in eyeliner, a Stranglers fan and a meat-and-potatoes rock drummer.

The full list is on Steviecat's Livejournal. Well worth a read.

Sounds like a fun game for a rainy evening.I'll just have a quick go-

MEIOSIS - A french art rock band of the 70's led by Charles de Plonke who always wore flippers and a monocle on stage. Nothing else, just a monocle and flippers!

IRRITATE - Punk band from Swanage. Minor hit with "You Get Up My Nose" which reached number 54 in the charts. They broke up when their next single " Go Away You Idiot" reached number 198.

Michael, you're a natural at this!


AMPERSAND - New-age techno by drug-addled Cornish students.

DEMURE - Blondie-meets-Goldfrapp. Music used in ad for new Audi.

GAZELLE: Journeyman blues-rock outfit whose prog pretensions were both unconvincing and ill-timed for the heyday of punk, formed in 1977 by bassist sacked from Jethro Tull. Only one album (with cover featuring statuesque and lightly clad woman astride gazelle, leaping across rainbow over landscape of forests,castles etc.)Bassist was later uncredited session musician on 'The Birdie Song'.

You might enjoy the clubbo records site for more plausible and hilarious fakery.

Thanks Trevira - what a thorough site. Must have a good look through.

Thanks for the link to my LiveJournal ! This one will run and run, I fear...

Hi Stephen - yes, what have you started. There's nothing getting done in offices up and down the land.

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