I've been playing around with MySpace because my friend's band is on there - Record Playerz, they're great. I looked around and got all excited because it's full of people I haven't seen for years. Real people that I've actually met, like. So I joined up and then didn't really know what to do. And when I tried to do something it was very hard. I felt about a squillion years old (Charlie Brooker sums this up nicely). But people found me anyway and I started to get some friends and that was nice. So the end of the story is I'm there now and if it's your thang let's be friends. I'm right here.

I really dislike myspace...
but I do like nothing to see here which I have a contrubution for, just have to fix up the images a bit, but later this week... you'll here from me.

Hi David. I understand about myspace. I don't know why it has to be so ugly or so badly designed. But on the upside someone I haven't seen for years has just found me on it and we're having a lovely time catching up. Looking forward to whatever you've got for NTSH. Intriguing...!

You're in very good company. Sky from Neighbours has one!

Oh well then, that swings it...

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