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I go back to work this week, so we've had one last jaunt. A sort of aimless weekend where we headed for Dundee and skirted round about it, not going into the centre, but looking at various things on the way here and there, finding stuff for Nothing To See Here like the World's Biggest Hedge (pictured). These are the kind of trips that started I like. Neil used to work as a rep and covered the whole of Scotland, so sometimes I would go with him, shopping in the charity shops and taking pictures along the way. I photographed lots of signs and shopfronts, not really knowing why I was doing it. I think there's a sort of librarian/collector instinct to gather, record and categorise things that might otherwise get lost. I remember at the time thinking it was a bit strange but when I had the courage to stick the photos up people liked them and 3 years later I'm still at it, which suggests it was the right thing to do. And of course, Flickr has happened since then so I know lots of people do it and I shouldn't be ashamed.


So I was thinking about I like and how I've enjoyed having a bit more time to spend on it. And I wanted to say thanks to everyone who has visited, commented, and emailed over the years. This makes it sound like I'm jacking it all in - I'm not. There's something about doing it that makes my head feel a bit clearer. If I didn't have some kind of outlet I think I'd go mad. So I'm glad that there are people out there that want to read it and I hope that I can still squeeze it in once I'm back to the 9-5. That's all really.

i LOVE your blog + i check it frequently + have found so many interesting things you've directed us to ms.librarian mommy with an artistic eye.
i was THRILLED when once i saw my blog on your ilike list.
belated congratulations on your baby + i hope you enjoy your job! i'll be checking your blog.


Best of luck with going back to work - I'm sure it will come as a bit of strain, but also a rewarding one too. I may not contribute as much as I would like, but knowing there are people out there looking at the world in a similar way makes life a bit more bearable for me to - so thank you for being brave enough to pop your head above the parapet. Hopefully some time in the next year I shall make it back up to Scotland for a trip, so you never know I may finally get to say hello in person!

Keep up the Good work

lots of love


Thanks both!

I've been reading I LIKE for a few years now and would feel genuinely deprived if you were ever to shut up shop. A little hole would appear in the fabric of my daily life.

It's free and it's a consistent source of pleasure. How many other things can you say that about?

Good luck with the return to work.


P.S. My mum has the little forks. She thinks they're posh.

Thank you Spud, that's very kind. If there's ever an I like long service award you'll be right up there.

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