Little Fork

Found in Pittenweem, this lovely old box, with all its little forks inside. After all this talk about giving things fancy names it's a nice reminder of less complicated times.

Does exactly what it says on the tin, so to speak, the way I'd like to think they did most things in Pittenweem. I'm coincidentally and irrelevantly reminded, having seen it recently on one of those Channel 4 nostalgia programmes, of a Two Ronnies sketch in which Ronnie Barker goes into an ironmongers (the old-fashioned kind with a bloke in a brown coat and shelves full of different guages of nail), and Ronnie Corbett gives him 4 candles when what he's asked for is "fork-handles".

I love the idea of such a beautiful box teaming with little and handy forks... wonderful find.
cheers, gracia

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