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Well, I hope it's clear we all had a ball. I'm now looking forward to other British holidays, instead of feeling like they're second best. When I told people where we were going there was a note of pity in their voices. They would say "That's nice" but their tone said "Oh, how awful for you" (some people just said that openly). So I wanted to write it all up to show how much fun it can be. Here are some notes and conclusions, all jumbled up:

  1. It made me appreciate living in Britain, and being on a big island (do you ever forget it's an island?) with so many different things crammed into it. It's great being able to be in 3 countries in one day
  2. Big up Pontins. Holiday camps are a sound idea and Pontins do what they do very well. Now I am curious about Center Parcs. It is Pontins for the middle classes, no? I worry that we'd all have to go and do archery or windsurfing or something and we'd all hate it. So Center Parcs v Pontins, who wins?
  3. Wales looked interesting. There's a lot crammed in there. We'll definitely go back some day and try to see the rest of it. Anything we should do and see?
  4. Travelling with kids seemed easy this time. We didn't have any drives that were too long and left time to stop on the way. Some things made travelling with a baby easier: a pop-up travel cot, a door bouncer and a dangly toy thing that strapped on to Danny's car seat. These all helped to entertain/contain him.
  5. A Year With Swollen Appendices is a brilliant book. It made me realise that diaries can be quite interesting, so I started keeping one during our holiday.

And this is the bit that comes up at the end of the story while the credits are rolling:

  • The car needed a new water pump and seems to be a bit better now.
  • Neil says he isn't scared of heights, they just make him a bit dizzy.
  • Tommy finally got an earring for Dress Like A Pirate day at school. He took the hoop off and wore the little gold stud. He thought he was the bee's knees. He thinks everyone in Wales says "Be seeing you" and is still talking about "when we lived at Pontins".
  • I've tried to learn from my holiday and do more of the things that I like. It takes effort to find the time but I've done more walking, reading and swimming. Being away made me appreciate a lot of simple things.

Thus ended the Great British Holiday. If you've just come in and are wondering what's going on start here.

Can I just say how much I've enjoyed reading about your holiday. In the age we live in where holidays are almost assumed to be things that you take abroad it's nice to find proof that you can have just as fun a time in our own country. And I completely agree about Eno's book - maybe it's time for me to go back and reread it on my upcoming holiday. Finally I can't believe you wouldn't know about this but can I recommend 'Bollocks To Alton Towers:Uncommonly British Days Out'. I think you'd enjoy it

Hi Mark - thanks for this. Glad you enjoyed it. I have seen Bollocks to Alton Towers but there's a bit of a story attached. I'll explain in the next post!

What a shame you couldn't get into Brucciani. I love Morecambe. It's pretty shabby, but hopefully when the Midland rises again it'll kick-start a change in fortune for the town. I can honestly see Morecambe being a pretty chic resort in 20 years. Such a wondeful light, and the sunsets must be among the most stunning in europe.

Great hols write-up! Regarding Center Parcs, my only experience was at a friend's birthday last year at the Sherwood one - it was, actually, enormous fun and you can do as little or as much as you want in the way of activities. The landscaped woods and forest were really pretty (in a Logan's Run kinda way) and the whole experience was much better than I'd anticipated. The children who were there with our group loved it too. So, yeah, recommended!

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