After writing all that about the kind of films I like I haven't really had time to write anything up, but this week's viewing has bagged a few goodies.

Did you know?:

'Alternate Title' by The Monkees was originally called 'Randy Scouse Git' in tribute to 'Till Death Us Do Part. The record company insisted on an alternate title. Hence.

The UK's first cash dispenser was ceremonially opened in Enfield in the summer of 1967 by Reg Varney. Whatever they say about Hendrix or Pink Floyd, Reg was the big draw in the Summer Of Love.

Have a good weekend.


Was the Alf Garnett film any good?

I was particularly disappointed by Festival because I liked The Book Club so much.

Spud - excellent Reg Varney trivia, thanks.

Dylan Trees - yes it was good. I don't really know the series, never watched it, so I'm not sure if it's different but it was quality all through. Y'know, proper characters, an actual plot, good dialogue. And Alf got what he deserved which was satisfying.

hmmm - Yes, me too. I wonder what went wrong. Festival was shoddy in so many different ways (too long, crap action, limp plot) when it should have been much better considering the people in it and behind it.

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