Hooray. The automatic link posting from del.icio.us is now working, which is why the entry below looks a wee bit different. Hopefully it will help me save a bit of time when I'm putting things together. There's something a bit uber-geeky about del.icio.us, I wasn't a big fan of it before but this is really useful. For anyone that wants to try it here are instructions on how to set up daily blog posting with Movable Type. I was having problems getting the login to work so there is some useful stuff here if you get an "invalid login" message. Big thanks to Britta at Yahoo for solving the problem.

Only one snag - the titles become a little less enticing via RSS: the last one read 'links for 2006-08-08'

But such is life.

True. There's no way of changing that, although I can go in and edit it once it's posted. I'll see how it goes.

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