Hello Anne

Freaked me out there by changing the post whilst I was checking out the links. Hope you're well and that life back in the world of work is treating you as it should. I'd completely missed the BBC Unsung Landmarks contest as one of the regional entries "The Campell's Tower" is about three miles down the road from me - I'll take a picture and send it to you ! As for the final eight I think I'd go for the Cardington Airship Hangars . . . Thanks as ever - especially for the link to the Colours Are Brighter site (which you've taken off ?) I've been playing the two tracks over and over now for the last twenty minutes especially like the Ninja dinosaur !

Hi Simon. Ah, you've caught me. I took off some of the links because I wanted to write about them separately. Colours Are brighter deserves its own post, I think. I'm intrigued by the sound of Campbell's Tower - a photo would be nice. Thanks.

You're entirely forgiven ! Colours Are Brighter does indeed deserve it's own post - it seems such a sweet idea with at least (having heard them) two great tunes (and I'm not normally a fan of Snow Patrol at all) and the artwork is great too. So often with this kind of compilation everything's done in a half baked way (perhaps that's harsh as they are often for charity) however this looks first class. And if it includes Half Man Half Bisuit it gets my vote (I'm off to see them at the Junction in Cambridge next week and I'm not a little excited ! Sad eh !).

I've just read the piece on Drive-time blues (never manage to read the papers on the right day but I get there in the end) which was interesting with a mention for Chris TT (once of the mighty Magoo (www.thesickroom.co.uk)) but no mention for one of my favourites from John Shuttleworth "The Man Who Lives On The M62" (http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0000DD9AT/202-1206316-4851866?v=glance&n=229816&s=gateway&v=glance).

Thanks, that's interesting. It often seems like all roads lead to John Shuttleworth.

Hello, If you enjoyed the London underground thing you might like overheardinnewyork.com apparently it's all real eavesdropping but I'm not so sure... Love your website - various links have kept me sane writing my dissertation so thank you!

Thanks Jenny - hope it isn't keeping you off your work.

Hi Anne,
So many tasty links & treasures to peruse every time I swing by your little online world. I think I'll start at the top of the pile with overheard conversations.
cheers, gracia

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