I was in Norfolk this weekend and there was a scarecrow festival in the village of South Creake.

There was a nice ghost-and-ghostbuster pairing, and a scarecrow canoeist cresting the wave of a privet hedge in a kayak. Some of the entries had been fashioned with less craft than enthusiasm, and were probably scaring the bejesus out of the neighbourhood's under-fives. It was too easy to imagine them prowling the village after midnight, lumpy arms outstretched, drooling for brains.

The polystyrene head, as favoured by suburban salons for displaying hairpieces, is this season's must-have scarecrow accessory. You heard it here first.

Do all the winners go into a national championship. Judged by Mr Crowman Sir off Worzel Gummidge?

What a fantastic idea. I do hope so.

Is this just going to become a rural pleasure now? Bringing forth wrinkled homunculi out of your mum's old tights and wads of crumpled tabloid? I didn't see a single Guy Fawkes in London last year. It's all been displaced by US-style trick and treating (or 'demanding confectionery with menaces' as it's known in this island.) Bah.

Was that any different in Glasgow?

Hi I like,

just thought I'd let you know that there's a scarecrow festival where I live, in West KIlbride, North Ayrshire. This happened in late July. The event is has also just had its third year. Please see some photographs from last years event on my blog under 'scarecrow festival'.



Thanks John - they're impressive!

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