Lou Shabner lady

I got this painting at a car boot sale a while ago. It's by Lou (or Loui/Louis) Shabner who was an artist in the same vein as Tretchikoff and J. H. Lynch, but not as well known. I love it. I think she's gorgeous. It sat in our living room for a while but everyone who saw it hated it so much I ended up putting it away in the garage. I was surprised by the violence of people's reactions although while I like some of this mass market masterpiece stuff, I'd rather poke my own eyes out than look at Margaret Keane and all that big eye business. There seems to be a very thin line between what's good and what's totally hideous.

Going back to Lou. I tried to find out about him and couldn't get very far. He was born in England (Enfield, I think) and did some pin-up art (more here), but beyond that seems to have vanished into the garages of history. There isn't much to add except to note that Black Gold, the King Biscuit Time lp (which is very good) has one of his paintings on the cover. Anyone know any more about him?

I like her. She seems like a bit of a composite. The necklace says Hepburn, but the eyes say Fonda. And whose hair is that? Jackie O's?

I like November 1952 as well. She's got a sort of Margaret Lockwood / Gainsborough Studios thing going on...

Hi Spud. I think you've got it with Jackie O although it wouldn't look out of place on Anne Bancroft. When you said Margaret Lockwood I thought of Margaret Rutherford. That would be a sight to see.


(If anyone is unbearably aroused by the thought of Margaret Rutherford in full foxhunting kit - and, let's face it, this is the internet - leave now and rent the DVD of Murder At The Gallop.)


Yes the thought of Margaret Rutherford in full foxhunting kit is alarming (although how deep was that thought hidden Spud !) but it would be a positively dreamy sight compared to those hideous big eye pictures - frightening stuff.

Simon - which is scarier? Those big eye pics or the thought that someone will one day find Anne's site by searching on 'pin-up' + 'Margaret Rutherford'?

Anne - You know about this stuff: when was the last gasp for these glamorous living-room ladies? Maybe the three blokes who collectively produced the atrocities of 'Sara Moon' (link here: http://www.sara-moon.com/ ?

Well, I'm no expert seeing as a lot of it is so hideous but I think you're right about Sara Moon. Horrible, horrible stuff. Although, all those Athena ones in swimming costumes, they came after that, didn't they. For the most part I try not to look.

I found a Louis Shabner print in an Op shop here in New Zealand and it must be reasonable collectible as there are people bidding on the auction site I have it listed on. I'd never heard of him myself.
The painting is of a sark woman in scanty attire dancing with ribbons.

who say, ".....I got this painting at a boot sale.....", exactly who 'is you'?

hi, if you still have this shabner print i would very much like to buy her from you.. cheers jodi

hi my email is cooltart@gmail.com

I love that painting and would like to buy it

I have the exact same painting, still in it's original frame! I found it at Value Village a few years ago and love it! I've also gotten the same reaction from people who see it...either complete hatred or they're in love!

I just found a 1970 calendar, with a print similar to the image posted. the calendar is excellent, full color, never hung. any interest in it out there? I would sell or trade. send me an email address and I can send an image, regards, Bob

i have a loui shabner painting named gail and would like to sell can anyone kidly help,,,,,thank you ste

I have the same picture.For no reason whatsoever I called he Dorcas.

Hi, I've just been given the same pic as above by my Great Uncle. On the back is the sales label and states her name is Nicola. I've always loved her and my Mum has another pic by Louis but I'm not sure of her name. Possibly Gail. I thik she has more of a Sophia Loren look around the eyes.

i too have the same picture as above, and how i got to buy this, was one eveing,i was upset thinking about my mum,whom i lost 20 years before,ive never asked her to be with me ,but this evening i did,the next morning i went into a shop and my friend shouts your mum is in this shop,i was startled, and saw the picture,which is the spit of my mum wen she was young, i too have the same eyes,so i knew my mum was with me. thanks tracy

my email is angeltracy@hotmail.co.uk if anyone wants to add to my comments thankyou tracy.

This print, like most of Shabners, is a stunner. Her name is indeed Nicola. I have some others but sadly know as little as everyone else about the artist. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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