Ben Cove's Practical Mechanics

Practical Mechanics, a new exhibition from Ben Cove opens today at Cell Project Space in London. From the blurb:

Cove’s newly commissioned work will involve hand crafting an oversized pantograph. The pantograph is a drawing instrument that has existed for centuries for the purpose of reproducing images. Though it exists in many states, the basic tool of four hinged arms can be used to copy 1:1, enlarge or reduce an original.

His New Plastic Universal exhibition was also architecturally inspired (he trained as an architect, so that figures). I'd like to see some of his stuff in the flesh some day instead of little glimpses over the web. If this is anywhere near as good as it sounds it'll be worth checking out. Oh, and lovely poster.


Did you see the Olivo Barbieri photo in the middle of the Independent today ? A nice surprise in an otherwise dull day. Interesting pieces in the Guardian and Independent on music in the Tate Modern as well.

Hi Simon - I missed them all :(

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