I like is 4 this month. Don't know which date exactly, but it was September 2002 that I pushed the button and this website was born into the world. I remember the early days - a great feeling of terror, like I was exposing myself. Violent attacks of cringing which I still get today. You know how hard it is to hear yourself on tape, or watch yourself on film? That kind of feeling. But every year I feel a bit more comfortable with it.

In 4 years I've changed job, moved house, and had another baby but it doesn't feel like much has changed. Well, it has and it hasn't. I like was never supposed to be a blog. I didn't know what a blog was when it started. It was supposed to be like a sort of online junk shop. Something catches your eye, you stumble in and find this world of disconnected stuff. I guess that still stands. I meant to do more specials, but they take time. I'm ashamed that there are at least two that were reasons for doing the site in the first place (the UN Building and paperback covers) that 4 years later I still haven't finished. But that's one thing I like about doing this, it's more or less impossible to plan.

This year I've worked behind the scenes to make it easier to write - because you've got to have a system. Going bloggy in May was good. Then the del.icio.us links, which might not be very polished but they help me keep things going when otherwise there would be nothing for days. This year I've written some things that were hard to do. It might sound strange when there wasn't anything controversial or revealing but basically anything here that isn't a list of links is hard for me to write. I'm not a natural orator. When I thought about The Great British Holiday I argued with myself for days thinking no one would want to read it, but in the end writing it was really good fun, and it went down okay. So that's my one piece of advice to anyone starting a blog - write what you want to write. I should do that more often.

The main thing to say, as I blow out the candles on another cake, is thanks. Thanks to everyone who has visited, linked, commented, and emailed over the years. It makes this a really enjoyable thing to do and as long as I like writing it, I like will still be here.

Many many happy returns. I look forward to year number 5. Simon James

Hicky Blogday indeed. Here's to the next 4!

As The Redskins would say - Keep on, keeping on!

happy birthday.

Thanks you guys.

Hi- and happy birthday

Happy birthday and many wishes for another four!

Here! Here!

Blimey, four years. Well done for all the cool stuff you've unearthed and the writing too. Look forward to reading some more.

happy blogday!
i love your blog!
i hope you + your family are well + have a comfortable rest of the year!

Happy Birthday, 4! That seems ages in web years.

Yes, I am pushing on a bit.

happy blogday!

Congratulations! I stumbled upon your site during a search for a Keep Calm poster and I love it. The links are cool, but really enjoying your writing too.

Thanks Lindsay - nice of you to say so.

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