hello I Like! I'm so pleased that you liked my tips for being a more light-hearted parents on my blog The Happiness Project. And I'm eager to dive into your site to see what all you recommend -- great idea. Be happy, Gretchen

Hi Gretchen. Thanks for dropping in. Hope you find happiness.

Well Anne - Finisterre . . .

If anyone hasn't seen it they should put it to the top of their list of stuff to see. It's great. Completely swept me away for it's length : highlights included the excellent Martin Parresque photography (in many ways it's almost selection of stills), the narration by Michael Jayston, the music (I've just ordered the soundtrack)and the choice of speakers - particularly enjoyed Vic Goddard. Only down point is that I would have liked to have known who was speaking (although you could work it out using the bio section). Very very enjoyable. Now I've just got to work out where this London is . . .

Glad you liked it. I thought that about the speakers too. It seemed a bit arch but maybe they didn't mean it that way. Must watch it again now.

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