Washeteria, Prudhoe

We're off on holiday again next week, working our way down the east coast of England. We got as far as Bridlington last time so are doing the next bit - Humberside/Lincolnshire kind of way. I'm still not sure what's there. It seems like quite a mysterious part of the country so I'm hoping for lots of interesting things and old-time seaside action. Any recommendations?

Beverley Minster is worth a visit.

Spurn Point has a bizarre, ever-shifting landscape – and the only full-time lifeboat crew in the UK.

Gillespie, Kidd and Coia's Lawns Halls of Residence at Cottingham are well worth a look as are Hull's independent, white phone boxes and leafy Victoriana north of the centre.

Hope you have a great time.

The Humber Bridge - it actually is beautiful in an industrial sort of way. My favorite daft name in England is in Lincolnshire - the village of Mavis Enderby.

The almost-completely-forgotten girlfriend from your distant past for whom your wife has a completely irrational jealousy and hatred.

From The Meaning Of Liff by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd


The Air Ambulance charity shop in Market Rasen and a drive across the Fens.

Thanks all. These sound great. I'm very excited.

Chris - the GKC halls were on the list. I'm really looking forward to Hull. Must be the Philip Larkin connection.

Ben/Gareth - I remember Mavis Enderby from an old Nigel Rees Grafitti book. Someone defaced the "To Mavis Enderby and Old Boilingbroke" roadsign with "the gift of a son". I thought that was hilarious when I was 12.

Anna - i know it's a little too far north, but you should DEFINITELY get to Runswick Bay. in amongst all the victorian houses shelterered under the cliffs about to topple into the sea, there's a lovely little pub. Be careful how much you drink though, i'm sure people still get press-ganged coming out of there, down the narrow little alley ways.

In Hull there is a street called "Land Of Green Ginger" and a good russian cafe (Or at least there was four years ago.)

Don't bother visiting Hull. It's a dump. I should know - I lived there for the first 24 years of my life.

Gosh, Hull is on my shortlist of English places I want to visit. Part of the "Faded Industrial Britain" tour I've been planning in my head for over a decade. Philip Larkin and the Housemartins are from there, it can't be all bad?

Well, despite Clangnuts comments I'm still quite excited about it. I'll report back Fnarf.

Kinema in the Woods in Woodhall Spa. I haven't been for years so I'd love to hear what its like now. A charming little pavilion that is, as it states, in the woods. Last time I went (early 80s) they still showed old slide advertisements of local businesses and ended the programme with the national anthem and some old 50s footage of the queen at the trooping of the colour!

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