I've been thinking about redesigning I like for a while. It really needs it. But I don't have time so am starting to cram things unceremoniously onto the home page. Today's addition - a blogroll. On the right there. Down. Right down. Past the pointless ads. It's still a work in progress. After being quite sceptical of RSS I converted to Bloglines a while ago and have never looked back, so the next step to display my subscriptions here seems worth a go. For the past few months I've been subscribing and unsubscribing to blogs like there's no tomorrow. For all the ones that suddenly disappear there are others that spring up, all fresh like, in their place. The only downside is the few blogs (like Flip Flop Flying) which for some reason don't have compatible feeds. Along the way I feel like I've lost a few old favourites so no doubt it will keep growing for a while to come. If you can recommend anything new to chew, please do.

Thanks for the Bloglines link. I'm hoping to get another "NTSH" post to you soon.

Here are some of my daily/favorite sites...

Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things - Tech and culture centric.

BibliOdyssey - posts of archival drawings and prints. Always striking images.

Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society - covers many an odd thing like, "Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir and Mark Wilson set out to catalog and trace the provenance of every stuffed polar bear in the entire British Isles. " And much, much more.

Cartoon Brew - animation blog

BLDGBLOG - high concept architecture blog

Copy, Right? - mp3 blog of cover songs

hello - thanks for the link.

Talking about redesigning, was thinking of you while reading about the 'other' iLike - the iTunes one. Have you seen it?


Hi Robert. I do read Boing Boing sometimes but can't always keep up. The next three are on the list and the final two look promising. Thanks for sharing.

Rich - someone pointed that out to me a while ago but it was still in development. Must have a look now. Have you tried it?

A belated thanks for including scrubbles in your reads!

I know what you mean about the difficulty of keeping up with feed-less blogs now that you're using Bloglines. Sometimes I completely forget about those.

Yes - I've had a play with it - but I guess, as is the case with most of these things (and iTunes in general) it doesn't do that well with the less popular tracks. Perhaps this will change as the community grows.

One other thing - one of the things I liked about this latest release was the fact it brought the album art back into the experience - but iLike doesn't build on this. What do you think?

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