The Penguin books are great, I've got a few myself. Went to see the Penguin exhibition at the V&A earlier this year - it had some real life displays just like it.

Many thanks for the link to Avenues and Alleyways.

Your site looks great; love all the photos of old-fashioned shop fronts. I think I`m going to spend quite a bit of time here looking around.

I LOVE your song quotes. I had to Google this one, but knew it was familiar.

Sky - no probs. My pleasure.

DT - glad you like them. I sometimes worry they're a bit nobby which is why they come and go. Must try harder.

I took some pictures of my pet Penguins a while ago.
I love them. having said thatI really like the feel of Americam paperbacks, picked up a few on my recent trip as I have done previously. They just seem to handle in a different way, they are not as shiny and seem a little more flexable.

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