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We get all our hoidays from The Sun now. Ones where you save up tokens and choose your holiday park for £9.50 or whatever. It worked for the first Great British holiday at Pontins so we tried it again, choosing Nairn or Dornoch for the September weekend, with a wild card of Mablethorpe in the October week. And as the north of Scotland proved suprisingly popular Mablethorpe it was. I'd never heard of it, along with almost everyone else in the UK it seems, but it nestles on the Lincolnshire coast between two seaside big-hitters of Skegness and Cleethorpes in what seems like a mysterious part of the country. When I told people we were going there the response was usually "Where?" and then "Why?" which made me wonder if it was going to be a disaster. But it wasn't.

Before reporting back in more detail I wanted to mention 3 books that helped to get more out of the trip:

  • Piers and other seaside architecture by Lynn F. Pearson (2002) Shire Books. Very informative wee book that gives a concise history of seaside development in the UK with some great old photos.
  • The English Seaside by Peter Williams, (2005) English Heritage. Also available in paperback. Probably the best book about the seaside ever as it's nearly all pictures. It focuses almost entirely on seaside incidentals - pages of seaside shelters, barometers, benches, model villages - amazing details that add to a vivid seaside-y whole.
  • England: a guide to post-war listed buildings by Elain Harwood. (2003) Batsford. Another brilliant book that has come in very handy. As the title suggests it's a guide to mainly modernist buildings. There's some fantastic stuff here like schools, churches, industrial relics, that you woudn't find signposted anywhere else. I got this as a present from Simon James, a reader, and it's one of the best things I've ever been sent. Thank you Simon James!

These were all instrumental in sending us to places we wouldn't have found otherwise. I'll report back later as we saw lots on the way. No epiphanies like last time but lots of great places and fodder for Nothing To See Here. Sadly, back to work first.

Glad you found the book useful - I look forward to the travel report - and I've just bought the The English Seaside book which I'm really looking forward to !

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