One good thing about a blog and a Flickr account is having a record of what's happened all year. It doesn't feel like much but looking through everything makes me realise I've seen and done a lot of interesting things. I've picked a photo from each month and together they pretty much sum up what I like is all about. Thank you to all readers who accompanied me on these virtual journeys (and those who accompanied me on the real ones). Here's to more of the same in 2007.

January - High rises, architecture, disappearing stuff.

Gorbals tower block

Two of these tower blocks in the Gorbals were demolished this year.

February - Old signs and lettering

Ladies toilet sign, East Kilbride

Ladies toilet sign in East Kilbride which tickles me for some reason.

March - patterns, shop windows

Net curtains

I like patterns and have a thing for net curtains that I can't quite explain.

April - Kids, family


I may not mention him much but new baby Danny was the most exciting thing to happen to me this year. Motherhood second time around has been a real pleasure. He's a lovely little fella. Seen here at 2 1/2 months old having a good stare out of the window in his grampa's chair.

May - local things for local people, islands, ice cream

Top Hat

The main theme this year was travelling about in your own country and finding the things that make it remarkable like strange customs and local delicacies. This is a Top Hat, only found on Rothesay, a lovely seaside town on the Isle of Bute.

June - holiday camps, symmetry

Pontins holiday camp, Prestatyn

June saw our first Great British holiday of the year to Pontins in Prestatyn.

July - shopfronts, lettering, little towns

Pert fishmongers, Kirriemuir

More summer days out, researching for Nothing To See Here which launched in May. This is a sign from Kirriemuir, a lovely wee town in Angus - home to J. M. Barrie author of Peter Pan and site of one of the 3 working camera obscuras in Scotland.

August - the crap but great

Children's playground, Wanlockhead

Hard to describe this. The thin line between rubbish and brilliant which makes me smile. This photo from Wanlockhead just about sums it up.

September - new towns, modernism

St Mark's Church, East Kilbride

A developing obsession with new towns, particularly East Kilbride.

October - dodgy British comedy, old toys, shambolic museums, ephemera

I only arsked: The Bernard Bresslaw Game

I spent the first 6 months of the year on maternity leave watching a lot of British comedy films from the 60s and 70s. So this was a sight that won my heart, from the fantastic Childhood Memories Toy Museum in Tynemouth.

November - the seaside

Seaside shelters, Trusthorpe

Probably my biggest obsession this year was the seaside and all that goes with it, particularly seaside architecture. These little shelters in Trusthorpe were my favourite thing of 2006. Found on our second Great British holiday in Lincolnshire.

December - World's Fair relics

Unisphere and NY State Pavilion

The Unisphere and NY State Pavilion in Queens, NY - site of two world's fairs. Lots of amazing things in one small area. More about this later.

That's 2006 in a nutshell. Happy New Year everyone!

Love your photos...happy new year!

Hello and happy new year. Your blog is lovely.

The ladies' loos motif is a hoot - to me it suggests it is open to rangy, long-legged, short-armed women named Peg!

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