After reading 5 things you don't know about Russell Davies I thought I'd join in. It's often more difficult choosing what to write than writing it and these kind of things make the decision easier. I've kept myself to myself here most of the time so there's probably quite a lot you don't know. Here are a few things to get started:

  1. Not surprising but I don't think I've said it before - my favourite book by miles is The Catcher in The Rye. My favourite film by miles is Gregory's Girl. I don't have a favourite song.
  2. I'm left-handed and am really proud of it as it's the only thing that's ever been different about me. I am secretly pleased when people I like turn out to be left-handed and quietly believe that left-handers are cooler. I feel a bit short-changed at not being artistic, musical or talented though. The only quality it has brought me is a special clumsiness but in this case I am proud to be gauche.
  3. My strangest job was a placement student at the National Sound Archive in London. I spent two weeks indexing the NME and Smash Hits and then as penance, 2 weeks transferring tapes of steam train noises from cassette to reel-to-reel in the Sound Effects Department. It's harder than you think as setting the sound levels is a bit of a challenge as there's 44 mins of quiet chuff-chuff-chuff-chuff and then an unexpected CHOO CHOO which sends the needles off the scale.
  4. I was brought up Catholic and my confirmation name is Barbara. Saint Barbara was a child martyr which rather appealed to me as I leafed through the Ladybird Book of Saints. I must have been a melodramatic child. I swapped Catholicism for The Smiths when I was about 14 and steer clear of religion now.
  5. My biggest fear is potholing (as in caving). Enclosed spaces like lifts don't really bother me but anything tiny and underground gives me the fear. I sometimes forget this and go somewhere that terrifies me - most recently a Scottish lead mine; most memorably cave tubing in New Zealand.

I hope that was suitably revealing. Anyone reading please consider yourself tagged.

your photographs are very artistic + you are very talented at blogging + picking interesting topics + links to share.
i felt a big "potholing" fear next to the grand canyon. like the earth's crust is all going to cave in at any moment.
happy holidays + happy new year!!!!

Hi Anne,

Gregory's Girl is definitely the best film ever, by miles! That's probably one of only about three things I've ever been completely certain of in my life.

Hope you had a nice Christmas and Happy New Year when it comes.

That's good to know John. What are the other two things? I've got a new year present for you - must get it in the post quickly.

I wasn't scared of caving until I actually went caving.

gawd ,what a relief. i do hate it when writers,artists, and whatever i enjoy slag things i hold especially dear. i'm sure anyone who didn't love gregory's girl and catcher in the rye would be in some way despicable

Actually I think you are very artistic, I have been a fan of your site for ages, and love your photography, you have a definitive edge to the things you shoot .... Love it !

Ally - I think you're right.

Paul - thanks, that's very kind. I guess I mean I can't draw or make things. I do love taking pictures though and quite enjoy not knowing anything about photography. I'm staying an enthusiastic amateur. Although that's what makes me feel like I'm just playing at it so I never expect it to be that impressive. Glad you like, anyway. An "edge" sounds very interesting!

Hi Anne

I have been a "lurking" fan of your site for about 6 months after happily stumbling on it by chance several months ago.

I am dazzled every time I visit by the breadth of references and links you provide to things I find interesting for which I am very grateful. The three things which are now fast becoming obsessions for me are seaside architecture, traditional cafes and Tunnocks!

Thank you so much for a fantastic site and I for one would be so much poorer without it.

Sorry Anne but in all my excitement about posting a comment on your blog for the first time, I forgot to say why I was particularly commenting on this entry which is to say that Gregory's Girl is also my (joint) favourite film (along with, bizarrely, Carry on Screaming). One of the main reasons I love it so much, apart from the obvious, is the deep seated feeling of bitter-sweet melancholy I feel after seeing it again which I can never quite explain but I guiltily enjoy nonetheless.

Hello Jez. Nice to see you coming out of the shadows. That's all the encouragement I need to post more on the seaside, Tunnocks and cafes. I also love Carry On Screaming (how could you fail to?) and know what you mean about the melancholy. Nicely put!

Hi Anne
I haven't visited I like for a while so have just caught up on these "5 things" -- how could I not know (remember) that you're left-handed?!
Yes, we are special (if only because we're more likely to be geniuses -- or mad).

Hi Liz,
I forgot you were left-handed too! All the best people are of course. Hope all's well with you. I'll write soon - promise.

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