Noisy decent Graphics - great find. He's dead right about the way design takes over your life. I'm thinking of starting a Flickr group collecting signs where they've used a 'dumb quote' instead an apostrophe in a sign. There was one on the sign for 'Maggie's" in last weeks Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmare, and there was even one in the official logo of the Queen's Golden Jubilee. Have a look:

It infuriates me far more than it should, probably.

I had to look up dumb quote there, never heard of it. So now I know it's "use of straight quotation marks (also called “dumb” quotes) instead of true typographic quotation marks (“smart” or “curly” quotes)". Not sure how I feel about this one Gareth. I do get annoyed by bad grammar etc (just spelled that "grammer", that would have been good) but get more annoyed at people who get really arsy about this kind of thing. Some people act like it's the end of civilisation. And I really hate it when people are all superior about it. You're not doing that here, but this might be the thin end of the wedge. Probably best not to think about it too much.

Oh, I have a great many irrational typographic hangups.

I really enjoyed the Noisy Decent Graphics piece too, but the kind of neurotic aesthetic hypersensitivity of certain designers bugs me.

There's a good (extreme) example in the comments: "I can't read through important information if it has typos, bad folds, cheap paper, bad color combinations or uses Gill Sans. I cover my eyes when presented with ugly printed material. Yes, even in front of clients. I hold sheets of cheap paper at a distance using only two fingernails so it doesn't touch my skin."

The poor dear!

You're absolutely right. What a twadge.

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