Toryglen flats demolition

We had a big family day out today watching a tower block in Toryglen being demolished. As a child of the Jim'll Fix It generation big buildings falling down are something to get excited about and this was my first demolition. And these weren't any old flats. They were the flats in the Sony Bravia advert, traces of paint still visible on the lower floors. So we went and after a long wait where we had to keep reassuring Tommy that the flats were empty and no one was going to get hurt there was a horn to scare the birds away and then BANG. It only took a few seconds for it all to come down. It was all surprisingly neat. There's a very elegant slideshow on Flickr that's got it in slo-mo. Fans of this kind of thing should check out Implosion World and the Highrise Glasgow Flickr pool.

Late edition: excellent piece of trivia from the updated BBC article. Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill from Simple Minds used to live on the 11th floor. See, you can't go anywhere in Glasgow without tripping over a piece of pop heritage.

Hi. I compiled a list of links to implosion videos here:

If you see one of this one around let me know. Thanks!

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