thank you for the nomination!
i'll nominate you too!
i've enjoyed your blog soooo much for a very long time!


just writing to let you know I tagged you

take care.


'O Lucky Man' is great. Isn't 'Poor People' a wonderful song? Such a gently lilting bossa nova-ish tune and such a darkly cynical lyric. Jarvis Cocker ought to cover it.

(And Alan Price's old team-mate, Georgie Fame, contributed a brilliant soundtrack to 'Entertaining Mr Sloane' round about the same time...)

Good luck with the Bloggies!

we've just got our gruff rhys tickets for March. can't wait ! (but have to).

keep up the greatness

mod*mom - my pleasure!

Luca - thanks for the tag. I've done it already here.

Spud - yes, I loved it and I also like Entertaining Mr Sloane. Must dig that out again.

Funkypancake - lucky you! He's so lovely. Enjoy the show.

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