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Many, many thanks for the magazine suggestions. If you've just arrived feel free to chip in. Thanks also to those of you who have jumped the gun and started on books and music. That's fine, we'll be coming to them another day. I'll summarise the comments at the end of the week but until then it's topic 2: blogs. I am in *such* a rut with my blog reading. Please help me. If it's not on the blogroll (bottom right) I probably don't read it. What's good to go?

I don't quite know how to classify it, but Antonia over at Whoopee! ( is genuinely hilarious to read.

Definitely worth a look.

I like the roadside Americana on display at The Lope: ( and Secret Fun Blog ( is a recent fave.

I've also had limited success finding kindred spirits by doing tag searches on Technorati.

design*sponge is getting some press but really is rather fab and has led to purchases of cute cards etc from designer sites.

These might be up your street:
They Could Do With a Bench Here
and Heading East is a great blog on paining and a surreal experience on how to look on paintings. Especially the cloud-series and the apple-thing. Good to read, even if you don´t care about paining.

posterwire is a blog about movie posters:

yewknee, designer and purveyor of t-shirts, texan bands and beards

for blatant materialism:

I really like Chris Glass's site, I think more because there is so much there


There's always mine!

Crying All The Way To The Chip Shop

Great selection so far, folks.

Lee, I'm surprised you're the first to plug your own. What a corker. You're hired!

Hi Anne,
I second 'Crying All The Way To The Chippy', great writing and great music.


I'm surprised I'm the first too. But I have no shame.

i've just started having a go at this blogging thingy.
haven't quite got round to the banal rambling i'd planned but have found a fantastic 1981 interview with orange juice, which is loads funnier than anything i'll come up with.

and i'm still plowing through your huge and fabulous list...

ally x

oh, alright so i forgot to do a prpoer link. i'll get the hand of this one day.

oh for crying out loud. this is just rubbish...

Well I'm impressed so far with Whoopee, and her partner's site

And mine, of course -, and my friend Richard's at

Some great links here, and it was worth pursuing them simply for the sentence "I might say 'We must scrape the cats' or 'It's time we sluice the badgers'." alone (

Oh boy, I can't keep up.

Ally - you got there in the end and it looks great. Looking forward to more.

Hmm..who do I want to support today ummm....I'm parsing your 'read' as 'read or look at' --

*I just discovered Le Divan Fumoir Bohémien which is a beautiful stream of art/photography.

*More french (outsider art) Animula Vagula

*How about some spanish? Recogoder has been hitting the sweet surrealist and eccentric art/photo spot of late.

*I always feel Kate's Graphic Design Bar worth an occasional visit.

*And although probably well knownish, Bibi's Box is a cavalcade of thematic linkage to which Bibi has recently returned.

Lastly (although I could probably go on for quite some time [see my delish links for blogs])..

*BBLinks accumlates nice links probably towards the design end of the sphere ('design' must be the most overused word on the internet).

Hello - is it bad form to nominate your own blog? Here it is. Look at it if you like anteaters but don't like octopi/octopuses

Great anteaters. But I do like octopi. How can you not?

Mine - fed by birds - has some very attractive sea slugs. Also tips on how to wear hats and read tea leaves. I mention it only because it's a bit new and no one's looking at it yet. Which is discouraging.

Emma - it looks very good. Hang in there. Remember, great oaks from little acorns grow.

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