I always find new year quite a miserable time. It's the post-holiday come down and the grind of going back to work; the weight of unmade or quickly broken resolutions - knowing that this is it for another year and come December nothing will have changed. So I start each year thinking that something amazing might happen. It might not, but that's not worth contemplating. Instead I convince myself that this year something really great is going to come out of the blue and make everything okay. I don't know what the thing is, or exactly what okay means but still, I started last year like this and it got me through. Giving up some responsibility to fate takes the pressure off a bit. And it always makes me think of this lovely Zombies song. I'm sure 2007 will be our year. For sure.

The Zombies - This will be our year (mp3).

I love this song! I don't know who wrote it originally, but I have a version of it sung by indie-pop-boyband Menswear, which is also good. Do you remember them? More info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menswear

Hi Laura. This is the original - The Zombies are a brilliant band. I do remember Menswear, or at least can picture them although can't think what they sounded like. They were very much of a time, weren't they?

The Zombies are probably my favourite British band from the sixties. Love this song loads too. Fantastic stuff!

This year I made no New Year's Resolutions and it was quite the relief.

That way all my broken promises to myself have no memorable date.

Count me as one of the people happy that you have a Flickr account, as I love the version of Britain that you see. Combined with tales of your trips, I feel like you could start some sort of tour company.

Great song from a great and underrated album, 'Odyssey and Oracle'. It's also got 'Time of the Season' on it. The Beautiful South covered 'This Will Be Our Year' quite recently

happy 2007 ilike mommy!
the zombies are the best!!!

I like the song, the band, the album, and this blog.

Incidentally, has anyone seen the 1965 film Bunny Lake Is Missing? I haven't, but I gather it features performances by the Zombies. There is a (groan) Hollywood remake planned, which will almost certainly not feature the Zombies.

That song is perfection.

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