Day 5: music. I didn't think I was too bad with music, having my finger maybe not on the pulse but a pulse at least. Last year I enjoyed lots of new music and lots of old music as well. I'm trying to thing of what was new: King Creosote, King Biscuit Time (two bands from Fife with King in their name - what are the chances?), Maximo Park, and one Sufjan Stephens song which left me wanting more. The most different band I heard was The North Sea Radio Orchestra who have an amazingly distinct sound, like a sort of Broadcast meets University Challenge. Also found today these lovely people - Hamilton Yarns from Brighton who sound like Ivor Cutler crossed with Oliver Postgate. Sweet. I still end up listening to the same old stuff though and need a bit of variety. One new blog Crying All The Way To The Chip Shop looks like it's full of inspiring stuff. What else am I missing?

Midlake's album The Trials of Van Occupanther is just terrific.

I think you would like stuff by...

Charlotte Gainsbourg
Lavender Diamond
Howling Bells
Richard Swift

if you want a laugh at some very old indie type muck, i've just put some suff from the label i used to run onto myspace. it's got songs by 1987s chart toppers bob, the siddeleys, and reserve.

otherwise it's the shangri las or nothing...

ally x

How about --

William D. Drake (also of NSRO, partial to the harmonium)

Spratley's Japs (recorded deep in the woods where BBC incidental music was made)

Dawn of the Replicants (FANGS is the soundtrack to the ruins at Cardross, at least in my ears...)

Full of inspiring old stuff anyway.

I well into The Bastard Fairies (via Spoilt Victorian Child) at the moment. Their whole album is free too!

For some very English school ambient oddness, the acts on the Ghost Box label are interesting

I'm also a big fan of The Clientele. Dreamy, Galaxie 500-style indie.

And if you like sea shantys and epic songs about the Infanta there's always The Decemberists

i'm enjoying pelle carlberg. you might enjoy him, too.

also, i second the lavender diamond suggestion.

North Sea Radio Orchestra and Hamilton Yarns are both fantastic live too, if you get the chance. You might also like (if you haven't already heard and don't like):
Field Music
Alexander Tucker
Fionn Regan
The Left Outsides
Stuart Staples

Try a bit of Jaga Jazzist. The video for 'Animal Chin' is funny and/or grotesque according to taste:

(But Oslo Skyline is a better tune).

Recommended reading

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