great links!
happy valentine's day
ilike mommy!

The beginning of the Belle & Sebastian video is taken from the Richard Lester movie 'The Knack (and how to get it)'.

You're right, of course Will. I thought it was a homage to those sort of films in general but it did seem to be mostly J+J. Poor Stevie.

Cheers for the Beta Band video, great stuff


did you ever receive my post you youtube-suggestions?

oh I love king biscuit time too!

Shame he doesn't seem to be bringing out any new work...

I didn't think that I liked Boards Of Canada but 'Dayvan Cowboy' is sort of converting me. It's messing with my dopamine.

Natalie - Steve Mason is now Black Affair. Whatever that means -

Spud - I'm not a big fan of ambient music in general (is it fair to call BoC ambient?) but they're a cut above, being beautiful and atmospheric instead of beige and bland. Enjoy!

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