A friend of mine works for a photolab where they're printing the publicity stills of all this year's Eurovision vocalists. An ex-Atomic Kitten is the only one I can remember, but it's all the usual "has-been-and-never-will-be" suspects.
Apparently Morrisey was never going to to be involved this year but both he and Jarvis (of course) had been approached. I think the fact that the winning entry song is chosen by a public phone-in vote was a decidng factor in Morrisey's withdrawl.
The notion that his number may be beaten by a ditty sung by Kym Marsh was a little too much to bear.
I understand there are competing factions of tradionalists and reformers within the UK Eurovision camp and a lot depends on how this year's entry performs. If we see a repeat of last year's debacle, perhaps they'll make the necessary changes and the clueless general public will be omitted from the voting system.

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