I'm off to Bangkok now and didn't get round to writing what I mean to for next week. So instead I'll recommend Four Docs which is a meaty Channel 4 site full of documentary films free to view online. There's a lot of modern stuff but it's the archive that caught my attention. Highlights include:

  • Patrick Keiller's London (1992) - online in its entirety. It's better on the big screen but if you've never seen it before this is a great way to try it out.
  • The Battle of Orgreave (2001) - Mike Figgis and Jeremy Deller's recreation of the battle in the 1984/85 miner's strike
  • Momma don't allow (1956) - Tony Richardson/Karel Reisz film about London working-class youth.
  • We are the Lambeth boys (1959) - Karel Reisz again.
  • O Dreamland (1957) - I was looking for this when I found the site. Lindsay Anderson's documentary on Margate. Like proto-Martin Parr.
  • Terminus (1961) - John Schlesinger's look at the comings and goings of London's Waterloo station

Plus lots of Humphrey Jennings films and great post-war social documentaries. Enjoy.

blimey these are wonderful things. i do love the 'most popular' bit on the 4 docs page - suprisingly it includes films about 'attractive lesbians'...
"i was just watching a documentary dear..."

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