Lindsay Anderson update part 2. This is a photo of a photo of Arthur Lowe from Is That All there Is? - an exhibition of artefacts from the Lindsay Anderson Archive on at The Changing Room in Stirling. We visited this at the weekend and it was great. Quite small and sparse but everything in it either looked fantastic or was interesting in one way or another. There are lots of Anderson's letters on show from other actors, directors, and writers plus diaries, storyboards and even his old passport. It's on until the end of March with a talk from Karl Magee, the collection's archivist on Saturday 31 March at 3pm (thanks Cathie for the tip-off).

Nice to see a picture of wonderful Arthur Lowe . . . have been away for a while and it's good to find you posting some wonderful stuff in recent days. Keep up the good work. Love and stuff Simon. [Hope you catch the BBC4 Tube Night later]

Hello there. Nice to have you back. Thanks for reminding me about Tube Night.

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