Aw, not Stephen Bayley! Did you see the article in print? With the photographs? I've kept it as evidence in case I thought I'd dreamt it.

This man is an insufferable prat. My skin prickles at the very thought of him.

I didn't see it in print. Is he a terrible knob?

I could send you a scan if you like. The pictures are worth savouring!

Yep. One more billet-doux in Stephen Bayley's lifelong love affair with the mirror. Two words: Up.Himself.

You could compress the whole article into one sentence - my preening narcissism is actually a virtue which you, poor reader, probably lack.

It's anyone's guess which paragraph ends up in Pseud's Corner but my money's on the one about the postcards. You picture his acquaintances groaning as they sift through the post - not another frigging hand-printed Ruskin homily!

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