It's a slow news week here at I like. Work is busy, so I'm steering clear of the computer out of hours. This means more time to enjoy the seaside. This is a photo taken on Sunday morning at a beach on the south-west coast of Scotland. I've never seen so many seashells in one place. Added to this, a trip to the local museum (of which more later) proved invaluable for seashell identification. Even the common ones have interesting names - periwinkle, warty venus, rayed and smooth artemis, not forgetting our dear friend the wentletrap. More on UK Seashells and

warty venus - what a wonderful name

is it freezing cold where you are? it's unseasonably warm here in silicon valley. last week though, there was snow on the mountains above san jose (extremely rare), then it warmed up into the 70's fahrenheit.

i just voted for you as best uk blog at limberline

Thank you mod*mom - that was so kind of you!

It's not too cold here. A bit chilly, but no snow. Just grey skies and rain today. Hope you're enjoying the warm weather.

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