A relatively fruitless Max Wall search on YouTube led me to a bounty of Stanley Unwin. I'm guessing most readers will know who Stanley Unwin is, one way or another, but in case you don't he was a lovely old man who spoke his own particular brand of goobledygook called Unwinese. Growing up I remember being very excited when great British eccentrics like him and Max Wall came on the telly. In celebration here are a few clips:

From Ogden's Nut Gone Flake, the collaboration he did with the Small Faces (how cool is that for an old geezer?). The story begins once a polly tie toe with:

Secondly, an appearance as Father Stanley Unwin, the first live action figure in Gerry Anderson's The Secret Service. The headquarters of B.I.S.H.O.P were in Centrepoint. Deep joy. Also note the 70s-in-a-nutshell Swingle Singers-style theme tune [actually the Mike Sammes singers - more info].

Two more:

  • a really wonderful advert for Amstrad's (old) new wordyprocessy. Easy on the eyebold, oh yes.
  • an extended clip from Carry On Regardless where he and Kenneth Williams get something going.

More info on Stanley Unwin.com site. Oh, and here's Max Wall and his silly walk.

Very, very deep joy.

Feasty for the eyebolds! Marvellow. And that Secret Service theme is the best bit of dooby-do since South American Getaway.

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