New favourite tune - I Wish I Could Have Loved You More by Candie Payne, from Liverpool. They must pump 60s nostalgia through the water there. This is heavily influenced by lots of good things - cool film soundtracks more than anything else. Enjoy.

Wonderful, Anne. I am going to try to copy her hair-do right now!

the stuff on her myspace is smashing. i've been rubbish at new music recently, but this, and mr hudson and the library, have cheered right me up.
i'm trying to do something about dancing happily to really sad records and this would fit right in...

Momo - Liverpool babies are born with that hairdo.

Ally - Glad you like. Must check out Mr Hudson and the Library now. Do you mean sad songs with happy tunes? That's got me thinking...

I think I may have to poach this track for ThaBombShelter, absolutely wonderful. Thanks!

I wonder what people would think of a music blogger getting ideas from a semi-obscure, but superb Scottish blogger with great aesthetics? :)

Thanks again.

Hi Anne,

Fantastic! Candie rules.

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