We've had a few days away in the Lake District. Prior knowledge helped to avoid most of the touristy bits and hover round the edges instead, visiting Ulverston (home of Stan Laurel and one of the nicest places on earth), Barrow-in-Furness, and up the coast to Whitehaven and beyond. This is a fab part of England. It only takes a few hours to get there from Glasgow but it feels far away and different.

We saw the World's Largest Coloured Pencil at the Pencil Museum in Keswick.

The World's Largest Coloured Pencil

And lots of Hartley's pubs that have this lovely lettering. This is my favourite as Golden Ball is also an excellent Stereolab song.

Golden Ball

And the beach at St Bees which has beautiful big pebbles.

Pebbles at St Bees

There was so much to do it's going to take a while to read it all up (I always come home full of curiosity), get photos onto Flickr and write some entries for Nothing To See Here, so this is just a little taster. Plus it's back to work tomorrow. Have any of you been anywhere nice?

hi anne, glad you had a good easter break. i did a double-take when i saw that first photo, as i was just about to email you with my review of the cumberland pencil museum for nothing to see here - i went there on saturday. what an amazing co-incidence!!! do you want the review anyway? maybe no point, if you've already done it. your picture of the biggest pencil is much better than the one i took anyway!!
best wishes, kate (from morecambe)

Hi Kate - that's great. What a coincidence! Do send in what you've written. I haven't done anything about it yet as we saw lots of other good stuff as well and I've been working on that. Maybe we can join forces on it - my photos are pretty blurry but the big one came out okay. Did you go to Cars of the Stars as well?

You're entry for today reminded me of this :

Simon J x

Outstanding! Thank you.

i'm a bit scared of the lake district - too many horrid childhoods forced marches have left me scarred and bitter - but it'd almost be worth it for a pencil museum.

and thankyou simon for the chewits thing. the mrs had a nightmare last night and a quick viewing of a monster eating the empire state cheered her right up.

Ally - I have a terrible confession. I thought you were a girl*. I don't know why, I just assumed. It doesn't make any difference I just thought it was quite funny how that sometimes happens online. Anyway, as you were.

*Or maybe you are a girl, with a missus. I'm fine with that.

I saw the pencil museum once, but I never got to go inside it...I can only dream that one day I will be able to return and see that pencil for myself.

you were right all along my dear - a girl with a missus.
and very lovely she is too.
ain't modern life confusing...

Well that explains it, I was right first time. Glad to hear she's cheered by Chewits.

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