Inverkip Power Station

Fans of industrial archaeology/Cold War architecture/Stanley Kubrick/obscure buttons and dials may enjoy these photos from Inverkip Power Station. The slideshow is particularly pleasing, full of wonderful details like solid old rotary phones and ghostly log books.

From Wikipedia:

Inverkip Power Station is an oil fired power station built in the 1970's which, by the time of completion, was already uneconomical to run owing to the rising cost of oil. It only reached peak capacity during the miners strike of 1984 and has lain disused since it was mothballed as a strategic reserve in 1988.

Plans are underway for the dismantling of the plant, although no decision has been reached as to a subsequent use for the site.

It's not far from Glasgow on the Clyde Coast. Who knew such wonders lay within.

Fantastic images Anne. Thanks for highlighting them.

I would absaloutly love to see that place whoever got in there an made those videos are lucky b******s lol hink were gonna try and bribe the security with cash lol........

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