It seems like all the electrical equipment in the I like household is staging a rebellion. First the Sky box, then the telly, now the computer. The part of this that may concern you is that I've lost my email. If you've sent me anything last week or before and haven't had a reply could you send it again? I can get new email now so we're on the road to recovery. There is something liberating about losing a large backlog of mail that I meant to reply to but deep down I know it's not right to feel that way. I also have no photos or Photoshop so am struggling to pretty up these pages. Normal service resumed as soon as possible.

you poor mommy!
that's aweful + i haven't backed up my picture files in a very long time. i think i'll save a copy of my blog html too.
i'm adding your ilike button/badge to my mother's day blogroll today :)
come over + enter my mother's day giveaways + i'll be adding more. our mother's day is may 13. is yours the same?

did you get my comment?

Thanks for the sympathy mod*mommy - it's not too bad. Looks like I'll get most of it back sometime but maybe not straight away.

Thanks too for the link - us moms need to stick together. I think we had our mother's day quite recently so no more treats for me. Hope mod*tot is good to you on yours!

Hi Anne, Just resent what I sent you a week or so ago. Hope you can get back all the important stuff. Computers, eh!

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