I've got my slot at interesting2007 now, and as Russell has mentioned Folksy I thought it might be nice to make something to take along. I'd like to make postcards and wondered if anyone can recommend a good printer? Either a place in the Glasgow/East Kilbride area, or an online one that will ship them. I had a look on Google and got totally overwhelmed, so I figured I'd ask the experts. Anyone? They're not going to be fancy but I'd like them to be good - no squintiness and a nice finish. And cheap. Is that a tall order? Any suggestions?

Aw that Interesting 2007 looks... er.. interesting :)
Such a shame the tickets have sold out. Have a great time!

Moo? It's an on-line note card/calling card printing service thingy attached to Flickr. They're quite nice, and easy to order online (at least in the US they were, not sure about over here yet).

You could try http://www.everydayprint.co.uk/postcards.htm - I've only used them once myself, but they were very efficient.

Email me if you need any help or advice on the artwork.

Emerald - thanks. I know, it's a shame it sold out so quickly. Looks like it will be broadcast or podcast or something though.

Elizabeth - yeah, those Moo cards are lovely. I was thinking of proper postcards but might get them as well.

David - thanks, they look good, if a bit pricey. I may well need help so thanks for the offer. Much appreciated.

Good Glasgow printers:

My friends got postcards done recently at CCB on Garscube Rd which look great and were pretty cheap. http://www.ccb.co.uk

Clydeside Press on High st, next to Glasgow Cross are very cheap and friendly though a little ramshackle and not open at weekends/after 5pm. they don't have a website either.

MOO are amazing. I heartily recommend them.

Are AKROS printers in EK still going?
they did a very good job for me on the 'tomorrows project' cards.

good luck...

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