Since getting Sky+ I usually fast forward through the adverts, but I had to rewind this one. A team of crack home economists build a new Skoda Fabia out of cake. It's fantastic. Admirable in the amount of planning and effort that it involved (the 'Baking of...' documentary shows it took a lot of work) but also for the sheer idiot glee of the concept. It illustrates Sacrum's concept of Brand Warmness. It doesn't tell you much about the car but it makes Skoda seem like nice people. This seems like a positive step for companies and consumers alike.

It's brilliant isn't ! I did the same as you (although without the luxury of Sky+) and rewound something I'd recorded and I'm glad I did. Fair play to them as well considering Skoda's brand image is still tainted by the car as it was twenty years ago. I'd say this is in the same class as the Sony Bravia advert . . .

Simon James x

A 'delicious' irony - a car constructed entirely from unhealthy food that we westerners bloat ourselves into obesity with whilst the little 3rd world kiddies starve to death. There are many subtexts going on - carbs, carbon emissions, sugar cane plantations & African oil rape, global warming (baking?). Let them eat cake indeed.

Nice R&M reference though - does this mean that petrol station I ate last week wasn't a cake?

My computer must be playing up as I can't see any subtexts.

Simon James x

According to the Creative Review these were the ingredients :

10kg white chocolate chunks
3kg orange peel strips
1kg angeliques
12.5kg raspberry jam
100kg wheatflour
100kg caster sugar
20kg glacier cherries
30kg brown almonds
20kg raisins
25kg dried apricots
5kg cacao powder
180 fresh eggs
42kg chocolate fudge
180kg orange sugar paste
90kg brown sugar paste
40kg black sugar paste
50kg white sugar paste
200kg cake margarin sun cup
270kg icing sugar atlas
40kg milk calets (anyone know what these are?)

Simon James x

Wow. Do you think they ate it afterwards?

'Idiot glee' - what a wonderful turn of phrase! I'll be using that one, for sure. I love the Skoda cake.

ii Want To Eat Thiis Cake! ..Soo Bad ;)

Me Too Paiige Me Too!! ;)

Me Threee!!

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