Keep Calm and Carry On tea towel

The wonderful Keep Calm and Carry On posters that proved such a big hit are now reproduced as a lovely tea towel. I've got one and it seems like a perfect marriage - stoic advice right where you need it. Not that I'd dream of actually drying the dishes with it. It's far too nice for that.

They're available from Lark Designs who also do a whole heap of other great stuff, much of it based on classic children's books. Although based in Australia they ship internationally at no extra cost. They're also available from Pedlars - another mail order company specialising in fine items with vintage styling such as old Routemaster destination boards and Lonodn Underground signs. The posters are still a steal at £3.60 from Barter Books.

I've had this poster in my house for about the last five years - it's on my stairs so I see it everytime I come downstairs in the morning - it reminds me to try and keep things in perspective (something I regularly have problems in doing). I bought mine when we were on holiday in Northumberland from Barter Books (which is just a great great book shop) where I think I met Chris Donald (from Viz fame) who I think worked there (I have a shocking memory so I may be wrong on all counts with this) . . .

Simon James x

I was looking for these for a while, the only one's I found were some screenprinted, nice but a bit pricey.

Oh Hurrah for Lark! They are the best! I love their things! Yippee!

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