Good luck with the speech. Are you winging it? Or will we be able to read your bit on I Like at some point?

I like your theme. Despite all the recent hoo-hah about online codes of conduct, the web really is just as notable for spontaneous outbreaks of affability.

Are you going to report back on the event? All that motley musing sounds enjoyably Eno-ish.

...or is that nice things rather than nice manners?

P.S. Did I miss you posting a Vonnegut obit? Or did you miss him passing on?

Hello Spud. Winging it? Chuh! Well... maybe slightly. I will reproduce it here, whatever it is and will report back. What I'm thinking about is how writing about nice things begets niceness in others. That's my experience anyway, which goes against the wider view that the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

I didn't post a Vonnegut obit, well spotted. So many other people did that I didn't think it was necessary. I've only read Slaughterhouse 5 so didn't feel I could comment too wisely. He seemed like a good cove though.

Congratulation on the gig, sounds incredible. Wish I had heard of it earlier as I've missed out on tickets.

Well, good luck!

sorry we're going to miss you - that thing looks great, but not quite as great as lots of control panels.
i set off a nuclear missile at the titan missile base in arizona and those help me feel the power again...

I am scared too Anne. But Interesting does look extraordinarily interesting...
Let's smile at each other and clap very loud, no matter what.

Thanks you for the Harland Miller/Jarvis tip.Couldn't agree more on the Jarvis thought but Harland... I await his opus on Filey Butlins. I'm sure we stayed in nearby Chalets.

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