I loved the comment that Terry made towards the end of the Eurovision broadcast...
"Well, it's been a wonderful night... Not musically of course" :)
Highlight of the night for me.


The pet manual's not for real, is it? It looks like satirical agitprop to me, maybe from the Eighties.

Know anything more about it?

Simon - old Tel really wasn't happy, was he?!

Spud - not sure. I thought it was real. Those things tend to be pretty strange. I'll check with Gair though.

I thought that leaflet was intriguing because it starts out sort of plausible before modulating into something more grotesque - 'berserk and demented dogs ...attacking dying children' etc.

By the time it got to the bit about feeding the populace on slaughtered pets it was definitely starting to look like someone updating Jonathan Swift. I find it quite possible to imagine our leaders contemplating something like that. I just can't imagine them telling us that they were.

Googling doesn't turn up much. Except for an art gallery at the publication address. That might be a clue.

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