The Snapshot Exhibition

Artefacts from The Museum of Snapshot Photography are on view in Morecambe Winter Gardens for one week only (12-20 May). The museum will be:

"... the first exhibition space in Britain solely dedicated to the snapshot, the photography of everyday life. It will house an extensive archive of People’s Photography from the last 100 years. The collection includes black and white and colour photographs, slides, negatives, Polaroids, home movies and other photographic ephemera.

The Museum celebrates the art of vernacular photography whilst fully embracing current digital technologies. There will be an online gallery and website where images can eventually be donated digitally. The museum will thrive on local community involvement and have an international profile via the website and online gallery.

Images will be collected from various local sources, eventually moving out nationally. There will also be a drop box in the gallery where photographs can be anonymously donated. The gallery will exhibit both donated and borrowed images, using a mix of original and digitally reproduced work."

It is looking for a permanent home in Morecambe. For more information contact the curator Sonja Campbell.

that's this weeks trip to the seaside sorted then - thanks for the tip off

What a fantastic idea. The Winter Gardens is worth a visit in itself, too. The dilapidated interior (earmarked for restoration, happily) often has a tabletop sale on sundays. Just up the road from Morecambe's other gems, Brucciani and the Midland Grand, too.

Dammit, for the first time in ages I will be away this weekend - and it looks brilliant! I'll have to look out for the website, and thanks for the tip.

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