I'm very sad to hear about the death of Charley Harper (via The Skinny). It's easy to sum him up, as a wildlife illustrator with a very distinctive, geometric style but that doesn't really do him justice. I heard about him via the illustrator Bill Wray who applied his style to Dexter's Laboratory. I saw it and was hooked. He does for wildlife what M Sasek did for travel. I was lucky enough to get one of his exhibition posters which hangs in my living room (behind the old movie lights in this photo). I enjoy it every single day. It's got lots of things that I like - ladybirds and primary colours and geometry and white space. I think it's perfect. So I am genuinely sorry to hear about his passing, but glad that in times like this the web rallies together.

glad to hear you like charlie harper...the book hits the uk in sept.

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