I like postcards

OK, they're here. A set of 8 I like postcards all ready for interesting 2007. These wouldn't have happened without the help of davidthedesigner who offered to set out the artwork. And a sterling job he did too, as well as taking this nice photo of them. Thanks also to Gair and Marceline for suggesting local printers. James from Folksy is going to be selling them on Saturday and I'll work out next week how to distribute them to non-interesting people. Does anyone want a set?

I would like a set, Anne! Please let me know how.

Hi Anne! They're lovely. I'd like some ... I'll put them in my icecream van on display!

i'd happily pay good dubloons for those - they are fab! Stick me down for a set!

I'd love a set, they look great!

They look geat Anne!
Oh yes please, I'd love a set of them - please let me know how!

Oh and well done clairol for getting the word dubloons into the conversation!!


Ooh, they’re ace! I want to buy a set but don’t know if I’d post them to my friends — I’d selfishly want to keep them for myself!

They look lovely Anne. It must have been difficult choosing which photographs to use but you've made great choices.

I'll certainly want to buy a set from you (and I'm not sending them to anyone either!)

They look great, would live a set too.

They look fab. I need 2 sets, one to send and one to keep.

A friend just sent me this that may interest you -

Since August 2005, Jonathan Harris and Sepandar Kamvar have been harvesting human feelings from all over the internet.

Their online project, entitled We Feel Fine searches the world’s newly posted blog entries from the likes of MySpace, LiveJournal and Flickr for occurrences of the phrases “I feel” and “I am feeling”. When it finds such a phrase, it records the full sentence, up to the full stop, and identifies the feeling expressed in that sentence. All this information is then fed into a huge animated online database. It’s fun to play with”.

Launch the ‘we feel fine’ window and click on any of the coloured dots...' You may have seen it before but I think it's rather wonderful. Pip pip.

They look great Anne, I'll have to take some cashola with me tomorrow.

Good luck with the talk, sure you'll have a very receptive audience.

Would gladly exchange this week's pocket money for a set of these fine cards. Look forward to hearing how.


I would love a set of these! let me know!

The postcards look great- I'd love a set too, and would pay cash

Yes. Two. Cash or trade. There's something of a squaring of circles about this. Well done. About time.

Hi Anne

They look fab. Would love to buy a set. Please let me know how.

And me! They look great. They'd never get sent though, I wouldn't be able to part with them! Sorry I missed you at degree show. It would be good to catch up soon. Good luck with your talk, though I'm sure it will be excellent.

Perfect presentation. You embody niceness. Lovely to meet you.

Please can I have some postcards?


Put me down for a set please.

What's the damage? Would you prefer cash or a mystery gift? Cheque or Paypal?

My friends might end up with some of these as birthday cards. Not the 'Jug Of Tea' one though. That's mine.

they look great, put me down for a set as well please,

hi anne -- ooh, lovely! can i have some too please?

i'd love a set! if you want, we could swap (i have a collection of invitations to art exhibitions from museums in mexico city)

Lovely to meet you, and great talk. Very brave of you to buck the trend and sit down - good for you!
I bought some postcards, they're lovely and one of them was on 'Coast ' last night.

I'd love a set? Please let me know how I can get my hands on some! Thanks

Hi Anne - they look great, I'd love some! Please put me down for a set, thanks

Hi Anne, I collect postcards and wasn't lucky enough to get to Interesting2007, I would gladly pay for a set!

The postcards are super...I'd love a set, please let me know how! Thanks.

Ooooh, me too! If any are left...

I have shoeboxes laden with postcards from a pre-teenage obsession and I want to get around to doing something with them.

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