Well, interesting2007 was a blast. I liked so much that it's hard to know where to start - Rhodri Marsden playing Wichita Lineman on a saw, Dave Funkypancake's breakneck-speed tour of London's pavements, Tom's knots, Andrew's swimming, Deb's listening, Richard's taster tape, Chris's fantastic live cookery demo and Matt's patron saints. Away from the speakers there were scones and smoothies and beautiful things from the nice chaps at Folksy, as well as perfect surroundings in Conway Hall, dedicated to ethics and free speech.

It's being blogged and flickrd like crazy and everyone seems to be in agreement that it was a fab day out. It was nice to meet those of you that I met. Sorry I didn't meet more. Blogging creates new etiquette dilemmas sometimes and being there was a bit like being at the end of Fahrenheit 451 when you know people more for the works they represent than for what they look like. I quite like that, but it does make it hard to find the people you want to speak to. So thanks Russell and everyone else involved for a fabulous day. Here's to many more.

and thanks to you too - your talk was very 'nice', and i thought you pulled off sitting down and talking very well. shame you were so high up!

Words cannot express my admiration for Witchita Lineman.

Spear and Jackson are the new Theremin.

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