Overture Weekend

This looks amazing - a weekend of events (today and tomorrow) at the Royal Festival Hall to celebrate its reopening. Highlights include:

From 10 am til 6 on the saturday and 10 til 2 on the sunday there will be vintage documentaries under the banner of LONDON 1951 (including Ten Year Plan with Charles Hawtrey and the beautiful Festival Of Britain doc Brief City) plus SAINT ETIENNE's films and shorts to date including the Finisterre (acclaimed by Alain De Botton and Ken Livingstone!) and What Have You Done Today, Mervyn Day?

Ding dong, that's all I can say, and boo hoo that it's not next weekend when I'll actually be in London. The whole programme is on the Saint Etienne website. Anyone going?

Would love to have gone looks fantastic - I've just seen a somewhat bemused (although very relaxed and happy) Bob & Pete being interviewed by BBC News 24. Diamond Geezer has done a nice piece (as ever) on the re-opening.

Simon James x

I went, it was overwhelming there was so much going on. Didn't really see much of the St Etienne stuff though, I think I was there a bit early. The new interior of the RFH is very nice, all muted greens and browns.

I went along on Sunday - loads going on, as previous commenter said - most touching perhaps was the mass ballroom dancing outside behind the RFH - some of the participants having been there dancing at its opening. Something fantastic about seeing a very motley crowd of people all doing the foxtrot (mostly expertly) at twilight...

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